Long Island Paddle Sports

Please call to make your Reservations! (828) 241-9809

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By the HourEveryday
Single Seat Kayak$20$35
Fishing Kayak$20$45
Standup Paddleboard$20$45
Two or Three Seat Kayak, or a Canoe$30$55
Paddleboat (Seats up to 3 People)PleaseCall
Pontoon Boat Rental is available from 9am-9pm everyday for $250

Please call to make your Reservations! (828) 241-9809

Welcome to Long Island Paddle Sports.  We are the premier rental outfitters for Lake Norman at the Catawba River (LKN @ Catawba River) for kayak and standup paddleboards (SUP). We are located at 7774 Hudson Chapel Road in Catawba, North Carolina, Behind Sasha’s Place. Our phone number is 828-241-9809, please call for reservations and pricing.

We offer a wide variety of sit on top kayaks. We have 3-seater Ocean Kayaks, 2-seater Ocean Kayaks, as well as 1-seaters. We have a fleet of sit on top fishing Ocean Kayaks. The tetra angler 10 is perfect for getting in those shallows where other larger motor boats can not. We have Prowler Tridents, Stripers, and Tetra 12’s which are perfect for fishing the big water.  We also offer sit on top Ocean Kayaks for teens and younger children. Our 10 and 11 foot Venuses are great for teenagers, and the Yak Boards are great for children under 12 years old. We also offer Old Town Caspian sit on top kayaks.  All of our Ocean Kayaks and Old Towns are sit on top kayaks which are impossible to sink while the storage hatches are closed and locked. You can flip these kayaks and jump off the bottom, return to them and keep on going unlike canoes or traditional sit inside kayaks which would fill with water forcing you to the shore to start all over which is no fun! Our sit on top kayaks will keep you floating and having fun all day.

At Long Island Paddle Sports we offer Kaku SUP’s.  These boards are the newest feature to the paddleboard industry. These are a hybrid kayak-paddleboard. You can paddle while sitting on a cooler, or paddle while in a sitting or kneeling position much like a kayak. And of course you can paddle standing upright. These boards have slots to brace yourself with your paddle for added balance and security. All Kaku SUP have not one but two dry storage hatches as well as bungee tie downs on the front and rear. Our Kaku SUPs can hold 2 adults.

We supply all rentals with paddles and a fully adjustable personal floatation device (PFD), both adult and youth sizes available. All PFDs have an attached whistle for your safety.

Water conditions can vary on Lake Norman and the Catawba river but stay mostly calm off the main channel.  Lake Norman can get pretty busy at times with speedboats and jet skis however Long Island Paddle Sports is located in the perfect place for kayaking or paddleboarding with plenty of shallow spots the motors can’t reach.

There is a water fall at the end of Balls Creek just a short 30-45 minute paddle away from the marina. The water stays calm on Balls Creek due to the shallows and lack of motor traffic.  You’re sure to see turtles, fish, and an array of water birds. Some of the best fishing on the lake!  To the north of the marina you will find miles of lily pads and more shallows.  There are a dozen islands that are just a few minutes of paddling away from the marina, as well as Long Island itself where you can tie your kayak or SUP and camp or fish or just lay around and be lazy.

Bring your cooler and have a picnic with your family and friends.

To make reservations and have your boats waiting by the water please call 828-241-9809 anytime. Weather permitting our Hours of Operation are from Dawn to Dusk, mid-May to mid-October.
We look forward to helping you and yours make safe, long lasting memories with Long Island Paddle Sports on Lake Norman. Don’t forget to pickup a Long Island Paddle Sports Tee-Shirt on your way home!

Hope to see you soon!

Balls Creek Falls one of many locations you’ll enjoy on a kayak trip on Lake Norman.